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The cover of Friends and Neighbours: A Heartwarming Journey of Self-discovery

Friends and Neighbours: A Heart-warming Journey of Self-discovery

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Life as a Marie Osmond impersonator living in Stoke can be challenging enough.But when your best friend has died and your other friends have moved away it can suddenly get a whole lot tougher. Now heartbroken Jenny has a female shaped hole in her life which – despite the presence of many women – won’t go away. Grief has turned her into a first class snob.

Husband Lonny preps the house for climate change and is unable to halt Jenny’s unravelling. Then gorgeous Trudi wafts into the creative writing class and brings some much needed hope.

Feeling that this is the only way out of her depression, Jenny’s intention to befriend Trudi builds to an obsession while facing all manner of setbacks. A motley crew of unsuitable local women is encroaching while lovely Trudi remains elusive. Why is something that used to be so easy, now so hard?.

Mixing serious issues with much hilarity ‘Friends and Neighbours’ is a feel-good story for our times.

This book made me laugh out loud in many places and shed a tear in others.”
Siobhan Curham, Author, ‘An American in Paris’

Friends and Neighbours: A heart-warming journey of self-discovery